Woohoo – I’m so excited! My novel and small book or short stories are now available.

callBillyEbookCover    ShortCutsEbookCover

Click here to buy Call Billy or Short Cuts from Amazon. Available in paperback and ebook.

If you would like to buy Call Billy from me, I will include Short Cuts for no extra charge with every order.


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Call Billy
and Short Cuts are currently on sale as ebooks and the paperback versions will be available from May 1st, but you can pre-order now.

You can actually call Billy, he has his own mobile, on 07899 232007.


I’m sitting in my hut on the west coast of Scotland, just north of Tarbert. It’s just begun to rain and I have the stove on. My hens have just gone to bed in their hutch ten feet up a tree. If I can fathom how to upload a video – I’ll post one – it’s hilarious

Woohoo – done! Be patient – watch till the end.

Today, under Biography, I have written something about my life. Durr.

This is the view from my study. Yesterday it looked like the one on the right, today it’s the one on the left – same window. Lurv Scotland.














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